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French Language Textbook «Accent français А1» Erstling L., Petrova M. (for Russian-speaking students)


Textbook  «Accent Francais А1» for Russian-speaking students. Level A1.
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The textbook “Accent francais A1” is for Russian-speaking beginners learning French. It is indended for a wide audience. It can be used in high school, in courses and as a self-education manual. It is suitable for teenage and adult students. This textbook also contains typical DELF tasks for the French DELF A1 exam. All texts, dialoges, phonetic exercises and a large number of communicative tasks have the corresponding audio records which are posted on this site. You can get a free access to the records on this site via coupon code printed in every copy of the textook.
The concept of the textbook “Accent francais A1” is based on a combination of the traditional method of language studying , which assumes a fundamental knowledge of grammar, with a communicative approach designed to practice all types of oral and written speech. The education material corresponds to 90 academic hours and consists of 13 lessons, 4 repetition lessons and 2 DELF A1 tasks.

You can look through the first chapters of “Accent francais A1”.

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